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Register Today: On-demand Video Series for Practical Voice of the Customer Programs

Peter Gurney

Hosted by Peter Gurney, noted VoC expert, author and Senior Director of VoC Solutions at NetReflector.

Join NetReflector, the leading provider of enterprise survey software, managed feedback solutions, and market insights, and Peter Gurney, noted VoC expert, author and Director of VoC Solutions at NetReflector, for a special 3-part video series – “The VoC Guidebook: Practical Strategies for Effective Voice of the Customer Programs.”

Learn from Leading Industry Experts & Organizations:

  • How and where to get started with a VoC program in any organization
  • The critical steps to VoC success based on first-hand experience
  • The most common problems to avoid
  • The internal people and resources that are absolutely vital for sustaining VoC program success
  • The most effective VoC applications and how companies use them to support and measure business success
  • Landing & expanding; Proven ways to evolve and grow your VoC program across the extended enterprise