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Article – Modifying NPS

Modifying NPS – When to Bend the Rules
NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a popular method for measuring and acting on customer feedback. Companies like it because it’s simple, it’s intuitive, and it leads to action. But sometimes it doesn’t make sense to follow the NPS recipe precisely. There may be a legitimate need to use a different scale, a different question, or a different formula for calculating the score.

When and how is it OK to modify NPS? Read our Best Practices article – “Modifying NPS – When to Bend the Rules,” to learn more. Download the article.

Article – When Satisfaction Scores Go Flat

Check out the January 2014 issue of Quirks Market Research Review to read our article, When Satisfaction Scores Go Flat.” Or download the PDF here. Learn about the do’s and dont’s of dealing with a stubborn trend line, and how to keep customer experience initiatives alive when satisfaction ratings reach a plateau.

Article – VoC Path to Maturity

As VoC programs evolve, they progressively utilize new sources of customer feedback, better tools and technology, and a wider range of applications. This path to maturity is predictable, and to the extent that organizations understand what to expect they can plan and prepare for their VoC program to evolve and improve.

Read our Best Practices article – “VoC Path to Maturity – Five Ways VoC Programs Evolve Over Time,” to learn more. Download the article

Article – Six Tools Your VoC Team Should Be Using

Does your Voice of the Customer (VoC) team have all the tools it needs to serve your organization?
Effective VoC teams use a variety of software tools to serve the informational needs of their stakeholders. From survey software to text analytics to statistics packages, VoC professionals need access to programs that allow them to quickly and accurately collect customer feedback, analyze data, and report on the results.
Read our Best Practices article – “The VoC Toolkit – Six Essential Tools for Your Company’s VoC Program,” to learn more. Download the article.

Article – Building an Effective VoC Team

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs have evolved in recent years, and so have the teams that manage them. Read our Best Practices article, “Building an Effective VoC Team” to learn which skills and backgrounds are needed to make your VoC program a success. Download the article.

Article – Choosing The Best Metrics For Your VoC Scorecard

Creating an effective VoC scorecard depends on choosing a combination of metrics that tell a clear story without being overly complex. This article looks at some best practices for designing VoC scorecards and dashboards. Read our Best Practices article – “Choosing The Best Metrics For Your VoC Scorecard,” in which NetReflector shares tips for effective scorecard design. Download the article

Article – Six Ways to Use VoC in Your Organization

The key to a successful VoC program is to take effective action on the results. This article looks at six ways that companies use VoC to drive better business outcomes. Download the article

Article – Overcoming Resistance to your VoC Program

Even the best designed customer satisfaction survey program may meet with some resistance from company managers. Read about the Three Stages of Pushback, and what you can do to overcome them and move the survey program forward. Download the article