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Real-Time Feedback on your Website

What does your website say about your business?

Your website is an integral part of your business. Whether communicating with customers, partners and employees, or selling products and services online, gathering feedback from your website visitors can help you increase the effectiveness of this valuable business tool.

NetReflector Website Feedback

NetReflector can build you a feedback solution that can give you a truly accurate view of how your visitors see your website. The benefits of website feedback are limitless.

  • Gain knowledge on overall customer perspective on website usability and design
  • Understand the changing habits and demands of your customers
  • Determine which elements add the greatest value to your website and increase ROI
  • Reveal behavioral trends of customers
  • Demonstrate the importance of customer opinions
  • Encourage repeat purchasing behavior
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities

With NetReflector’s enterprise feedback software, supported by an array of professional services, you’re able to quickly and cost-effectively develop website questionnaires and a website feedback program to tailor online content and promotions, increase site traffic, drive sales, and ultimately maximize your website investment.