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Real-time Enterprise Feedback with your Help Desk

Assure excellence in your help desk where every interaction is critical

NetReflector Help Desk Feedback

Improve and maintain business operations with an efficient and productive help desk through NetReflector Help Desk Feedback Solutions. Measuring customer feedback on an ongoing basis with help desk satisfaction surveys is vital with end users’ needs constantly changing as technology and business environments evolve. It will provide the benchmarks you need to know what IT users want, how well you are meeting their needs and when you might need to take aggressive action to improve services, systems, and communications. NetReflector can set up solutions that enable you to:

  • Improve business operations and control overall infrastructure costs
  • Track customer satisfaction over time
  • Provide the benchmarks for measuring your performance

First Hand Experience

“NetReflector effectively stepped into an important vendor relationship that enabled our IT Help Desk to improve customer satisfaction surveys as well as reporting and analysis capabilities. Moving the survey business to NetReflector from our home-grown, in-house environment was seamless and provided the cost benefits we were looking for, from both an internal and external client perspective.”

Global Quality Assurance Manager, Global consulting firm

By integrating our online feedback software platform with your enterprise incident management application, NetReflector helps you produce balanced scorecards all the way down to the agent level, no matter the nature of your help desk:

  • Internal – Improve agent training for enhanced service delivery and prove the value of your IT department to your corporate stakeholders.
  • Outsourced – Monitor the performance of your third-party help desk services providers over time and develop performance-based incentives to negotiate renewal contracts.

If you are a help desk services outsourcer looking to ensure customer loyalty, be proactive and offer your clients a regular performance scorecard based on help desk satisfaction surveys produced by an unbiased, third-party measurement vendor.