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Event Feedback

NetReflector, an award-winning customer experience research firm, delivers fully managed, turnkey attendee feedback solutions designed specifically for event and meeting planners. Inexpensive and easy to implement, this comprehensive program provides you with valuable feedback about every phase and feature of your event, including:

  • Sign-up
  • Brochure and informational materials
  • On-site registration process
  • Keynotes and general sessions
  • Break-outs, presentations and seminars
  • Networking and social events
  • Venue quality and supplier services
► Easy
Modular survey design leverages a wide range of proven, relevant question sets. NetReflector research professionals help you create the finished survey.

► Customizable
Survey questions customized to reflect your specific event details; survey look and feel customized to reflect appropriate sponsor branding.

► Comprehensive
Provides feedback across all aspects of your event, with focused on-line reporting for specific stakeholders, including planners, speakers, presenters and suppliers.

► Affordable
Our turn-key modular approach allows event planners to collect critical attendee feedback for a fraction of your overall event budget.

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