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VantagePoint VoE SuiteTM

VantagePoint VoE TM Suite is a comprehensive Voice of the Employee (VoE) solution designed to streamline employee feedback, and provide management with the tools and insights for maintaining and improving organizational performance.

NetReflector’s new VoE Suite is a comprehensive collection of core, “best practice” surveys designed to measure critical attributes of employee engagement, service climate, the service-profit chain, as well as VOCE – or Voice of the Customer via the Employee. Hosted on NetReflector’s VantagePoint EFM Survey Software, the VoE Suite is a turnkey employee feedback solution that includes hosting, survey design & development, data collection, reporting & analysis, and ongoing project management.  The VoE suite is available as a bundled solution, or as individual surveys for companies needing greater focus in their human resource and workforce development efforts.

NetReflector Employee Feedback

VoE Survey Components

Employee Engagement Survey

An essential tool for promoting an engaged and productive workforce, the Employee Engagement Survey collects feedback from across the organization, monitoring employee attitudes, intentions and loyalty. Follow-up Pulse surveys focus on specific priorities for improvement, helping to ensure that effective action is taken on the results.

Key features

  • Comprehensive assessment of the factors that contribute to a fully engaged workforce.
  • Statistical analysis of results, revealing top priorities for improvement.
  • Content analysis of employee comments, adding depth and detail to the numbers.
  • Drill-down reporting, providing valuable feedback to managers at every level of the organization.
  • Follow-up Pulse surveys for tracking improvement throughout the year.

Service Climate Survey

Measure how well your organization supports its employees’ ability to serve customers and colleagues. Service Climate Surveys identify obstacles to the production and delivery of great service, and identifies how best to prioritize your service improvement efforts.

Key features:

  • Examines each component of service support, including tools, processes, technology, policies, communication, team environment and management practices.
  • Pinpoints internal service delivery gaps and bottlenecks with a heat map of the organization, revealing where and how to focus improvement efforts.
  • Provides actionable reporting to managers at every level and in each functional area of the organization.

Service-Profit Chain Program

Focuses on the partnership between back-office support teams and front-line personnel. This program provides feedback to the departments and employees who provide day-to-day support to your sales and service delivery teams, allowing you to continuously improve the customer experience and enhance customer loyalty and profitability.

Key features:

  • Provides periodic feedback to direct support groups from service and sales employees.
  • Aligns back-office performance with front-line and end-customer service requirements.
  • Creates accountability for customer satisfaction across the service delivery chain.

VOCE – Voice of the Customer via the Employee

Systematically collects and analyzes feedback about customers from the employees who interact with them on a day-to-day basis. Reveals emerging customer issues, hot topics, best service practices and opportunities for continuous improvement. An essential complement to customer surveys, this program taps into a rich, and often under-utilized, source of knowledge and observation about your customers.

Key features

  • Uses front-line employees as a customer listening post.
  • Provides a powerful early warning system for spotting emerging customer issues and trends.
  • Engages employees in continuous service improvement.

The VantagePoint VoE Suite is the result of a long tradition of working with clients to develop strategic feedback programs aimed at optimizing organizational performance.  The VantagePoint VoE Suite combines proven data collection methodologies with deep subject matter expertise in the areas of employee engagement, customer service quality, and business process optimization.  The result is a fully-managed, turn-key Voice of the Employee Solution for measuring and improving organizational performance. For questions or pricing on our VantagePoint VoE Suite please contact a NetReflector representative at (206) 489-5541.