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Real-time Enterprise Feedback in your Contact Centers

Does Your Contact Center Measure Up?

In today’s global economy, customer service is a competitive advantage. To ensure long-term customer retention and loyalty, it is absolutely critical to measure the performance of all contact centers to offer the best customer experience possible. We can help you get there.

NetReflector Call Center Feedback

Solution Advantages

  • Gain early insight into customer satisfaction indicators
  • Drive continuous improvement efforts and monitor results with real-time online dashboards
  • Leverage real-time balanced performance scorecards to coach agents, workgroups and other geographic teams
  • Link survey response to any back-end data, such as contact center, agent name and case ID
  • Respond to dissatisfied customers in real time
  • Complement other technical and quality performance metrics
  • Share reports with peers and executive team over a flexible, secure, permissions-based online report portal
  • Turn your contact center into a true contributor to the organization’s bottom line

Meet your specific customer intelligence needs with NetReflector’s automated enterprise feedback solution. Whether your call center is internal or outsourced, inbound or outbound, sales or support-related, NetReflector has the answer- regardless of your location around the world. Immediate, quality change strategies can be implemented, monitored and improved over time. By generating ongoing, real-time performance scorecards and dashboards by agent, contact center or geographic region, NetReflector Contact Center Feedback Solutions enable you to deliver superior customer service in a cost-effective manner.

Real-time Online Reporting Features

  • Secure online report access for multiple users
  • Segmentation by contact center or other attribute
  • Overall score reports using customizable metrics
  • Individual agent-level reporting
  • Trend reporting
  • Key driver chart
  • Bar, pie and line charts
  • Response rate reports
  • Verbatim comments
  • Flexible filtering

Off-line In-depth Analysis

  • Executive summary report
  • Multivariate analysis (correlation, regression, etc)
  • Individual and Group Scorecards

Customization Capabilities

  • Online and off-line custom reports available upon request
  • Integration with third-party applications, such as CRM, business intelligence, campaign management etc.