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VantagePoint Training

Your business partnership with NetReflector begins the moment you sign up for a VantagePoint license. Moving forward, our team is dedicated to get you and your users fully trained and equipped to make the most of the many tools and capabilities that VantagePoint offers.

Our Training Department provides in-depth training courses that help you build the necessary user knowledge to master online research strategies, methods, and processes for your business. We’ll show you how to tie VantagePoint in with your current business process, and with VantagePoint’s intuitive user interface, you’ll be fully confident and capable to create, manage and deliver your own enterprise feedback in no time. Training courses are conducted via web conferencing, include hands-on exercises, and are geared directly towards you and your VantagePoint needs.

Our trainers can also work with you and your team to create a more advanced, customized training experience once you are familiar with the basics of the tool. Content and examples can be closely tied to your business and industry specialization.

All trainings include:

  • Slide presentations (made available after the training has been conducted)
  • Necessary cheat sheets, agendas, fact sheets, and more