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Best-Practice Survey Management

VantagePoint’s robust survey management capabilities enable you to conduct best-practice feedback programs. Its Audience Management feature helps you prevent over-surveying, while its unsubscribe ability empowers respondents to automatically opt out of your mailing lists. VantagePoint can integrate with a variety of third-party enterprise applications for transactional trigger email distributions, e.g. for receiving immediate notification of a dissatisfied customer right after a service or support interaction.

With VantagePoint’s easy-to-use, industry-leading survey management features, you can:

  • Set up sophisticated distributions in advance with draft distributions
  • Save time at every step of the distribution process with its distribution wizard, distribution control panel and re-usable distribution templates
  • Import an unlimited number of email addresses and validate them instantly upon import
  • Link participants to your survey with a pop-up URL from your Website or distribute your survey via email
  • Personalize email invitations and coordinate to survey design with HTML invitation template
  • Preload respondent data for enhanced analysis capabilities
  • Preload respondent data for enhanced analysis capabilities
  • Choose optional anonymous responses
  • Schedule automatic reminders
  • Enhance security thanks to an optional SSL encryption and ballot-stuffing prevention
  • Manage lists of ongoing survey recipients, track survey history, and select a random sample