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Online Survey Design at the Click of a Mouse

VantagePoint’s online survey design capabilities have been developed with simplicity and productivity in mind, and are backed by a very intuitive user interface. Program your online survey with the click of a mouse from a Word document using the Quick Text Import wizard, and start gathering the actionable intelligence you’re looking for to move your business ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

Let our Sample Survey guide you through all of VantagePoint’s survey design capabilities.

VantagePoint provides industry-leading online survey design features, including:

  • Survey creation wizard with theme preview and customized “thank-you” page setup
  • Customizable libraries and mini-templates of your favorite survey questions
  • Powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor
  • Response piping, list reduction and multi-conditional branching and alerts
  • Skipping and randomization
  • Embedded audio, video, images, URLs and other media types
  • List reduction
  • Constant sum and rank order scale
  • Multiple response types
  • Progress bar
  • Open scripting architecture
  • Ability to branch into different languages during the survey