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Turn Raw Feedback into Actionable Intelligence

VantagePoint’s Analyzer module puts the power of online analytics in the hands of research-savvy business users. Its sophisticated online engine empowers you to analyze huge amounts of data in real time, whether it has just been collected or is currently residing in other enterprise systems. It also allows you to generate complex online or off-line reports in a variety of formats to meet the informational needs of your stakeholders.

From trend to key driver chart, VantagePoint’s Analyzer provides the actionable intelligence your executive team needs to make accurate strategic decisions that drive profitability and stimulate growth in today’s competitive market.

In addition to regular bar and pie charts, banner and means tables, as well as top-box and bottom-box reports, VantagePoint also offers the following online analysis and reporting capabilities:

  • Real-time standard and custom reports
  • Interactive analysis and reporting: “Builder,” “Analyst” and “Viewer” modes
  • Line/trend chart
  • Key driver chart
  • Advanced cross-tab tables
  • Text search
  • Calculated fields
  • Date/time variable
  • Exclusive One-Touch Filtering™
  • Ability to combine data from separate distributions
  • Ability to export data as Microsoft Office-compatible objects into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, or into an external database in .xls, SPSS, CSV or fixed-width formats
  • Ability to share a link to any of your survey’s online reports without providing access to your account