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Features Overview

Here are a few of the benefits you receive with VantagePoint and its industry leading feature offerings.

Survey Creation

  • Multiple Account Users – Create as many users as you need at no additional charge. Develop groups and set permissions for individual users or entire groups.
  • Collaboration – Work together on survey projects. Share surveys, templates and reports with your group and keep everyone working from the same model.
  • Surveys Supported in Over 20 Languages – Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Welsh.
  • Survey Templates – A wide supply of templates for both survey appearance and content gives you a head-start toward creating your own surveys. You can also create your own templates with your branding and preferred look in order to avoidinconsistencies and having to re-create the appropriate branding for every new survey.
  • Question Templates – A library of pre-developed questions is available, to which you can add your own.
  • Required Responses – Ensure respondents provide answers to the most critical questions.
  • Randomization – Randomize questions and/or responses in order to prevent any type of presentation bias.
  • Advanced Branching – Link respondents to specific questions based on responses to one or multiple previous questions.
  • Response Piping – Pipe in responses from previous questions in order to dig deeper into particular answers. This allows you to keep your surveys targeted more acutely and your respondents better engaged.
  • Advanced Skip Logic – Have particular questions appear or not appear on a page based upon previous responses within the survey.
  • List Reduction – Limit questions, responses, pictures or categories that show up within a particular question or page based upon responses from previous question lists, preloaded data and/or a set of multiple conditions defined.
  • Mixed Matrix Table Questions – Evaluate different aspects of particular statements all within one question, such as by measuring the importance of a particular service to the customer and their satisfaction with that same service. This can reduce the overall amount of questions and the respondent survey-take time.
  • Edit Live Surveys – Edit surveys on the fly without worrying about re-distributing your survey every time you make a simple change.

Survey Management and Distribution

  • Audience Management – Create and manage large and multiple contact lists with the ability to import any amount of profiling data corresponding to each and any respondent. Track activities for each respondent as well and prevent over-surveying of any particular members of your contact lists. Respondents can also automatically unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive surveys.
  • Email Validation – Immediately validate the legitimacy of email addresses when creating contact lists or distributing surveys in order to minimize bounce-backs.
  • Single-Survey URLs – You can create a unique survey URL that can be widely distributed in order to receive feedback when a targeted list is unavailable. This is most commonly used for web site feedback, but also in other customer feedback situations and more. You can set persistent cookies in order to block respondents from filling out the survey multiple times.
  • Targeted Email Distributions – Select contacts from your current lists or simply copy and paste new email addresses within the Distribution Wizard and send unique survey URLs to each respondent. This prevents all respondents from attempting to stuff the ballot by taking the survey multiple times.
  • Personalize Email Invitations – Create customized messaging for your survey invite in order to relate directly to your respondents and ensure higher response rates.
  • Survey Reminders – Easily automate reminder emails to those who have not yet completed the survey by a particular date and greatly increase your response rates.
  • Instant Results – Allow your respondents to see where they stand in comparison to other respondents by viewing “real-time” results of your survey as soon as they have finished completing it.
  • Triggered Alerts – Receive automated feedback through response triggered alerts. Know about and respond to dissatisfied customers, employees and partners in real time and quickly rectify situations with impressive timeliness.
  • Anonymous Responses – Ensure your respondents that their opinions in no way will be tracked back to them. This is perfect for many HR surveys when sensitive information is involved.
  • SSL Encryption – Make sure your data-sensitive surveys are absolutely secure.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Review Individual Responses – Drill down all the way to each individual instance and see how each respondent answered.
  • Real-Time Reports – Reports are available in real time, so you can have an accurate representation of the current state of your business at all times. By getting instant access to your survey results, you can immediately respond to concerning issues and recognize trends right away in order to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Automatic Summary Reports – Graphical reports of your results are generated automatically and can be viewed in real time with the click of a mouse.
  • One-Touch Filtering– Quickly drill down into your responses and analyze your results by any variable. You can manipulate results on the fly and allow others to do so as well. Our One-Touch Filtering feature gives you the power to easily dive into the details of your results and save time doing so.
  • Presentation-Quality Reports – Develop updating reports from within VantagePoint with our presentation-ready reporting tools. VantagePoint provides you with the ability to easily create sophisticated reports involving line charts, trend charts, key driver charts, bar charts, pie charts, advanced cross-tabulations, means tables, banner tables, top-box reports, bottom-box reports, and more.
  • Build Custom Reports – Create custom reports that show only the information that is most critical. You can establish a reporting format that you prefer or develop reports for specific people with only the information that they need to see.
  • Real-Time Report Sharing – Create online reporting URLs that update in real time and can easily be shared throughout your organization through a single URL.
  • Merge Data from Distributions – You can bring together all of your data from your various distributions and also from other surveys in order to get a 360-degree view of the results.
  • Data Export – You can export results into your preferred format, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SPSS, fixed width, or CSV. This allows you to share raw data and import results directly into other databases and applications for easy analysis and manipulation.